The Method

How can you reach the hidden potential in your brain? The forgotten method Suggestopedia reveals its secrets.

“The Method” is a documentary film completed at August 2016.

Synopsis: Did you think about the school time, the attitude of the teacher, the environment where we grew and how all these things predetermine our personality? What will happen, if we start to develop the unlimited potential, every person has, from a child’s age? A Bulgarian methodology called Suggestopedia, acknowledged from UNESCO for one of the most effective learning methods in the world, answers these questions and much more.

Credits: Producer – Teodora Petrova, Tcvetan Atanasov; Writer and director – Teodora Petrova; Camera operator –  Tcvetan Atanasov; Editor – Teodora Petrova; Post production and color correction – Ivan Tringov

Screened at: Pocket Festival – Sofia, Bulgaria, Art center “Freyle” – Sofia, Bulgaria, DNC – Sofia, Bulgaria, Suggestopedia center “Lite Learning” – Sofia, Bulgaria, Suggestopedia center “Easy Way” – Sofia, Bulgaria